About us

Of course we have a friendly staff, as long as you are friendly 2. If you check in with a smile you will leave with a smile.

We all do our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.



Mr. Gerrit (in Dutch meneer Gerrit) is our oldest member of the staff. Works already for ages in the hotel. Is a walking encyclopedia and he never forgets a face. So be kind to him!



Mylee, some say the future big boss. From being a little girl in 'the bakfiets' to no longer fitting in it. The younger sister of Clé, but with more brains and charm. She charms everyone by giving each guest a warm welcome.



Gabriella better know as Gabby, is our fav staff member. She is Always prepared to help you. By the way she loves everybody, as long as you are kind to her.



Meet Tess, the unstoppable force of nature from Diemen! By day, she's the bicycle whisperer at the Bicycle Hotel. By night, she transforms into a horeca wizard. Tess, our very own Horeca Tiger, is proof that you can take the girl out of Diemen, but you can't take Diemen out of the girl. We're delighted to have Tess on our team!



Iza better known as ID, is our girl from the north side. ID is in love with north and is promoting it all the time. She knows all the cows in north by name. ID is our new talent in the hotel and we are extremely happy with here, she is following the footsteps of Gabriella :)



Storm and the Bicycle Hotel: A match made in heaven. She's not called 'Storm Lieve' for nothing, which means sweet in Dutch.

She's proud of her tattoos, only the Bicycle Hotel tattoo is missing. We are happy to have you on board, Storm!



The sweetest member of our staf. Meeting her turns rain into sunshine!



Annabel, better known als Bel is our second chief housekeeping. She loves cleaning!! She comes from a really bad part of holland which we call '010'. BUT in our hands Annabel has developed into a little Amsterdam princess. Be nice to her!!



The one and only chief housekeeping. The sunshine of the hotel. WE LOVE HIM!



With his lovely and beautiful smile he's extremely popular among all the guests ( Girls watch out! )



Clemens thebigboss, old from the outside but young from the inside. btw he loves cows and bicycles.

The Bicycle Hotel in Amsterdam

Characteristic of Amsterdam is the high number of 400.000 cyclists. Despite the perfect public transport, the best way to see Amsterdam is by bike. If you choose to do this, our hotel offers you the chance to hire bikes on the spot. We are located in a typical Amsterdam neighbourhood. Small streets and little squares. Not affected by mass tourisme, but also near the RAI, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum and the City Museum of Modern Art. See all things you heard of, but never seen In live!!

Our mixed clientele is attracted by the cheap but comfortable rooms, the relaxed atmosphere in the cosy breakfast room and the convenience of being able to rent bikes. The staff offers you city maps and plenty of advice on alternative routes to explore the city by bike, and all information about the nice markets, restaurants , cultural and sports events, or anything else you might want to know, to enjoy your stay in our beautiful city.

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